Christopher Fischer



Being one of a very select group of true industry visionaries in the world of cashmere, Christopher Fischer has been designing and producing cashmere sweaters for over 30 years.

Both I and all my teams in New York, London and China are a family of cashmere professionals who are focused and dedicated with all their energy, talent and passion to designing and producing the very finest quality sweaters possible in this, the greatest of fiber, cashmere.”

Christopher Fischer the brand was established in London in 1982, and the first Christopher Fischer cashmere factory opened in 1983 in Hawick in Scotland, which was then the center of the Scottish cashmere industry.  In those early days Christopher also worked with many of the leading cashmere factories in the Biella region of Italy.

As early as 1990, Christopher took his passion and expertise to China, the largest source of quality cashmere fiber, and particularly to the Inner Mongolia region in the north of China and the grasslands of Alashan, which is a region that is the foremost global source of the very finest and highest grades of quality cashmere fiber. This was Christopher’s  cashmere ”Shangri La”.

Since his first visit to Inner Mongolia 23 years ago, Christopher has now established factories based on state of the art technology and balanced with traditional hand finishing skills to take his cashmere vision to the next level, and where he sources his own raw cashmere fiber, then spins and dyes all his own yarns, all to very exacting and very strict industry standards, so producing cashmere of a totally superior quality and value, in one of a kind colors, in designs that are all about a new creative modernity that focuses on proportion, texture and fit.  

Christopher Fischer is now a global lifestyle brand for women, men, baby and the home, and carried by luxury stores and boutiques worldwide that are looking for unique cashmere of exceptional quality and original creativity.  There are also currently four Christopher Fischer stores, two in the Hamptons in Long Island, and two in New York city in SoHo and on Madison Avenue.  In addition to working on new store projects in the U.S. and in Europe, is working to become the foremost and leading online “Place for Cashmere” globally.

Christopher Fischer is all about originality and being a true leader in the industry, setting standards and trends that others follow, yet few can attain. The Christopher Fischer brand has a very loyal following that includes royalty, celebrities and fashion insiders in the know, as well as customers who simply recognize and appreciate all of the creativity, quality and value of a Christopher Fischer design.

With Christopher’s extensive knowledge, understanding and over 30 years of experience in the cashmere industry in Scotland, Italy and China, as well as his undying passion for all things cashmere, he is recognized and sought after as being one of the world’s leading cashmere experts, all of which has earned global recognition and the title of being one of the true “Kings of Cashmere.”

Christopher Fischer is an Englishman based in New York, London and China, lives in New York and East Hampton on Long Island, New York with his wife Joni, and is a lifetime world traveler, travelling extensively in the U.S., Europe, China and the Far East.

Cashmere is very personal, as I live it and dream it every single day. It is sensual to the touch, pleasing to the eye in the colors and textures it can achieve, and total luxury to wear …. there is no other fiber for me… only cashmere.