Christopher Fischer



The Christopher Fischer philosophy represents the essentials of a luxury Hamptons’ lifestyle, which is all about a sense of modernity, design and style.

The focus of the Christopher Fischer team is to maintain only the very highest standards of creativity, quality and innovation, whether designing one of a kind and fashion forward pieces, or modern essentials that are simple and easy, making them the “go to” everyday wearable favorites in your wardrobe.

The understanding of fit, proportion and color are all elements that Christopher Fischer is renowned for, with a constant attention to detail that starts from the point of the original design concept, through all of the dyeing, spinning and   knitting processes, and incorporating innovative detailing in the textures, stitching and seams, which is all part of the design concept of the brand.

All of which sets standards of quality that combine to make every garment unmistakably a “Christopher Fischer”, and gives Christopher Fischer sweaters a distinct sensibility and recognizable handwriting. This is all the culmination and result of over 30 years of experience designing and producing sweaters, not only for our own Christopher Fischer brand, but also for many leading and prestigious specialty stores, department stores and other designer labels throughout the world.  

Our objective is all about excellence, as there is only one quality level for me, the very best we can achieve and nothing less.

Christopher Fischer Collections range from the finest of knits in superfine and baby cashmere, to unique chunky and hand knitted pieces, and are knitted in the purest cashmere, to luxurious alpacas and extra fine wools in winter, as well as soft cottons and cool linens for the summer season.

Christopher Fischer is acknowledged and looked upon as a leader in the cashmere industry, and continuously sets and raises the bar on standards of quality, value and design that others strive to follow, yet few can achieve.